Strengthening vulnerable communities in rural southwest Uganda


Our Mission

Nyaka UK aims to offer support and funding to NGOs working with orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children as well as the grandmothers who care for them.

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Southwest Uganda is a remote, rural area, bordered by the Democratic Republic of Congo and is home to over half a million people, most of whom live in extreme poverty, earning less than £1 a day.  There is a reliance on subsistence farming which is predominantly undertaken by women, mainly grandmothers, who are the primary carers to many biological and non-biological children.

Nyaka UK will support these vulnerable communities to ensure that they have continued access the education, skills and opportunities they need to grow and prosper.

What do we do?

The organisation Nyaka was originally founded in Uganda in 2001.

Since then, Nyaka has developed and expanded, providing holistic support through four main programmes, namely:




The prevention of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV)

Nyaka currently supports 20,000 grandmothers, who are caring for more than 80,000 orphaned or vulnerable biological and non-biological grandchildren.

Our impact

Our first campaign, in early 2021, focused on improving sanitation. Together, we fundraised to help provide soap for 720 grandmothers and their families in southwest Uganda.

Our second campaign, in late 2021 focused on fundraising for water harvesting tanks to reduce the amount of grandmothers and grandchildren that have to walk long distances to collect water, risking sexual and physical assault. You donated enough for 272 water harvesting tanks.

Our current focus

Currently, our fundraising is focused on continuing to raise funds for water harvesting tanks.

By helping to purchase a water harvesting tank, that holds 135 litres and has a 10 year shelf life, you are helping to limit the risk of sexual assault on girls and women.

“I have five grandchildren, I’ve been caring for them since my children died of HIV/AIDS. It is very hilly where we live, and I have to walk 4km to the nearest water source. I sometimes sleep without having water because I am scared to send my children to go and fetch it, I fear they will be raped or kidnapped. With a water harvesting tank I can collect rainwater and store enough water to ensure I don’t have to travel such distances very often” – A grandmother in Rukungiri

So, what are you waiting for?

Donate today and purchase a tank for just £10


Nyaka UK Board members include:

Beatrice Hamujuni-Smith – Chair
Andrew Lofthouse – Treasurer
Evie Dickinson – Vice Chair
Alison Eaton
Catherine Inanir
Lianne Kelleher
Annie Yousey